Wednesday, October 21, 2009

USA's White Collar Brings Style

USA is bringing us another one-hour serial, and this one actually seems like it may have a lot of style. I wrote an article on Examiner some months back on the style of the show "Burn Notice." Enter "White Collar", the new show featuring Matt Bomer. Bomer's previous career highlights include a stint on the cancelled "Traveler" and more recently NBC's "Chuck." While the premise of the show is a little far-fetched and heavily borrowed from the feature film "Catch Me If You Can," I will reserve judgement until I actually get to see the pilot. And while CMIYC was based on the real life exploits of Frank Abignale, Bomer's character Neal Caffery seems too cool and too good and too stylish to be true. Part of that is because the show's costume designer Stephanie Maslansky puts him in some top tier clothing. According to, Maslansky comments that she put Bomer in Thomas Pink, Paul Smith and a lot of John Varvatos. Stay tuned for specific pieces that are available off the rack here and at Examiner.

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