Monday, October 12, 2009

Ralph Lauren updates a classic

The classic Polo Ralph Lauren Ranger Boot has experienced something of a resurrection...well a renaissance really. The boot technically never went away. Originally introduced in 1994, the boot boasted Lauren's spirited preppy style with the rugged integrity of a boot. It's unique styling made it one of a kind in its own right, and although a similar boot called "Trapper" was released a year later (with a double buckle strap on the shank and no buckle strap across the foot), it could not compete with the enduring popularity of the Ranger boot. I got my first pair (pictured above in the right) while I was in high school and still occasionally have worn them over these past 14 years - and their still as stylish and as comfortable as ever.
The boot received a makeover in 1998 - the sole was thickened and the unique markers of the boot were also changed. Gone was the iconic green tongue tag with "Polo Country" on it, also the circular leather disc was changed and the text on it replaced with a singular Polo pony. One of the things I loved about the boot was that while the Polo boat shoes were emblazoned with the pony image, these were different - obviously the designer disagreed and decided to go this route, and keep it. The newly released Rangers, now available for the first time at, has the Polo pony image, and does not have the iconic green "Polo Country" tag, which makes my originals something of a classic keepsake. But the Boot has been redesigned to resemble its origianal shape and sole, and I do think that is something to be celebrated. The Polo Ralph Lauren Ranger Boot is available in Tan and Black leather, for $149.00

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