Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ralph Lauren will forever be synonymous with America

Remember Polo Sport clothing? Yeah, so do I. As a matter of fact, I think I still have some shirts left with the logo on them. Nowadays, Polo Sport has been reduced to a fragrance that hardly gets the advertising of all of Ralph's others - and all that to say that Ralph turned his attention on branding not just sports, but sports of the world. He's always been on the forefront of creating iconic American images, both preppy and sporty. He gave up the "sport" moniker on shirts and replaces them with RLX, Polo Golf and Polo Tennis. He then took over the US Open, dressing the ball boys and girls in the nattiest of attires - and now he's at it again by creating the style for America's Olympians - ALL of them. Not just the models in the pic above. You'll find that on the website www.polo.com the triumphant and spirited designer left no detail undone by creating his new olympic line.
And it's not that he needed to do it, because Ralph Lauren has created so many different world's, from the luxury of Purple Label to the devil-may-care stylings of Rugby, it's almost as if it's an after thought. Then again, whose fault is it that Ralph has completely saturated the male fashion scene all the while achieving superstardom in women's wear, home products and now, the dress of a nation. It's probably ours. Its our fault that Ralph Lauren is America, and I suspect he'd have it no other way.

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